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Equipment for repair electrical machines with the capacity of more than 100 kW
04.03.03 Winding machine

04.03.03 Winding machine

The machine is intended for winding annular parts of high voltage coils for electrical machines with simultaneous isolation of the coils by means of micatape.
Cross section of the flat wire, mm 1x3,50...4x7,4
Inner diameter of the part, mm 420...1080
Rotation speed of the winding head, rev/min 210
Rotation frequency of face plate, rev/min 0,5...1.8
Adjustment of face plate rotation frequency, stepless
Wire linear speed if the part diameter is 1000 mm, m/min 1,6...5,6
Overall dimensions, mm/mass, kg 1770x1050x1540/400
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