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Installation of detonation-gas spraying

The most effective way of increase of resource of work of details, vehicles and machinery is powder spraying with gas-detonation coating method.
Detonated gas spraying process consists of spraying a powdered material on the surfaces by a pointed detonated explosion of gas mixture

Detonation gas spraying is applied in manufacture and repair of vanes and other details of aviation gas-turbine engines, gas-compressor equipment, distribution and cranked shafts of internal combustion engine, details of agricultural machines and machines for processing of agriproducts, face seal in a shaft, rollers and cranks in metalwork and metallurgy, armatures in chemical mechanical engineering, knifes and mills for cutting of plastic, skin, wood, asbestos-cement pipes, feed rollers in welding industry, metal working and medical tools etc.

Detonation gas-spraying is effective when we are applying protective anticorrosion coatings on carvings of pipes of different function. We guarantee high quality of coverings with help of detonation-gas devices:

— High adhesive strength
— Low porosity (1-2 per cent)
— Low temperature of heating of coating details (no more than150°С)!

- Small roughness of surface of covering (no more than 3-6 microns), it means that for some applications subsequent machining is not required.

- Necessary hardness of coverings

Advantage of detonation-gas method is small consumption of electric energy at high power dimensions of technological process and ecologically pure manufacture.

High efficiency of detonation-gas spraying is defined with high rate of fire (frequency of cycle consists 2-12 Hz).

The structure of detonation coverings is formed from structures of the simple stains consistently imposed on spatter surface with set overlapping. The stain (thickness 5-30 microns, diameter 0,02 m) is formed for a simple cycle (shot). Common thickness of a covering can consist 0,003 m (may be more).

The resource of details covering with detonation-gas spraying increases in 2-7 times!

Detonation-gas spraying allows to put coverings from metals, oxides, refractory connections, mechanical mixes of the plated and composite powders.

It is possible to put coverings on metal, its alloys, fusible metals, ceramics, glass, some polymers and composed materials, and also other materials which hardness does not exceed 60HRc.

Application of different powders allows getting durable, corrosion proof, dielectric, frictional, antifriction, and heat-proof.

SPV “Electromash” Ltd has big experience in practical application of technology of detonation-gas spraying of powder coverings.

Known scientists, skilled engineers-designers and technologists work in our collective.

We render a complex of services:

— Designing, manufacturing and delivery detonation-gas devices;
— The technical help in development of process of drawing of coverings;
— Deliveries of powder materials;
— Training of attendants;
— Performance of orders on a dusting.