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Designing, assembling, repair and tests of energetic objects

Our enterprise is geared to work in electric power branch on designing, complete set, installation, adjustment, repair and tests of power objects of the industrial enterprises, intersystem, city, rural electric networks, power plants and substations.

The enterprise carries out next work:

1. Designing and building of objects of power facilities.

2. Installation and adjustment of the main equipment and devices for power plants, substations, A.C. and D.C. distribution devices.

3. Repair of the high-voltage equipment.

4. Test and measurement of dimensions of electric devices and constructions, their parts and elements during installation, adjustment, exploitation and repair.

5. Automation of technological process of production processes of measurements and tests of D.C. and A.C. electric devices with database maintenance in P.C.
6. Manufacture of the non-standard special technological equipment for repair of electric motors and transformers.