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Welcome to SPV “Electromash” Ltd

SPV “Electromash” Ltd was based in 1997.

Company profile is designing, working out and manufacturing of the equipment for repair:
— D. C. and A. C. electric motors and generators
— Measuring and power transformers,
— Other electric equipment (electromagnets, etc.)

We develop and manufacture unique benches and test machines for electric motors and transformers

SPV “Electromash” Ltd carries out next tasks:
— Designing of electrical repair shop under customer’s technical project;
— Manufacturing of the unique equipment for repair of electric motors and transformers;
— Manufacturing of test benches and stations for electric motors and transformers;
— Installation supervision and testing and commissioning of equipment for repair of electric motors and transformers and test benches;
— Training of employees of electric repair shop;
— Servicing and warranty maintenance of the equipment for electrical repair shop;
— Free service updating of the software for testing benches and machines;

One of the directions of SPV “Electromash” Ltd is working out of technology of a detonation spraying of materials with different properties. Increasingly demand for new technology is explained that the detonation spraying is the most effective way of increase of resource of work of details of vehicles and machinery working in the conditions of high load, heavy wear, high temperature exploration and exposure to the aggressive environments.

We developed and patented the technology of overhaul of wheels of work electrical submersible pumping system for oil recovery. Today this technology has no analogues in the world.

Collective of SPV “Electromash” Ltd constantly works over perfection of the equipment and develops new ideas for satisfaction of requirements of the customer.

02.01.04 Test bench for stator active steel
Test bench for stator active steel 02.01.04 is intended to determine the condition of the stators in the repaired electric motors with the capacity up to 100 kW after winding removal. TestbBench selects cores with high losses before laying new winding and reduces unnecessary waste of the winding material.
04.02.07 Drying installation
Drying installation is intended for convection drying of large size parts with mechanized loading in automatic drying mode.
02.01.13 Test station of the power transformer of the I-IV dimensions
The station is intended to test power transformers with capacity up to 5000 kVA with voltage up to 10 kV.