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Equipment to produce electrical machine windings made of rectangular wire
04.03.31 Drawing machine

04.03.31 Drawing machine

The machine is intended for drawing rigid winding coils of electric motor stators using the pattern of the ‘boat type’.
Parameters of the drawn coil,
- length of the slot part, mm 215….1215
- height cross section of the slot part, mm 8 … 30
- thickness cross section of the slot part, mm 4 … 16
Max. central angle under formation with slot parts, degree 140
Stator bore diameter,
- min., mm 340
- max., mm 930
Drive, hydraulic
Rated power, kW 2.2
Overall dimensions,
- machine, mm/mass, kg 2600x890x2150/780
- pumping station, mm/mass, kg 720x540x650/17
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