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Equipment for repair electrical motors with the capacity up to 100 kW
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04.02.49 Universal furnace with the front loading

Universal furnace with the front loading is intended for annealing electric motor windings without air access and their drying after impregnation. The parts are loaded into the furnace by means of a truck loader. Annealing / drying process is done automatically.
Max. chamber temperature, C° 420
Supply voltage, V 380
Loadcarrying capacity of the truck loader, kg 2000
Truck loader platform dimensions, mm 1450x1000x200
Truck loader stroke, mm 1300
Rated power, kW 50.75
Internal dimensions of the annealing chamber, mm 1750x1050x1070
Furnace dimensions, mm/mass, kg 4715x1750x1750/3550
Control rack dimensions, mm/mass, kg 580x300x1000/50

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