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Equipment for repair electrical motors with the capacity up to 100 kW
04.02.39 Vacuum impregnation installation

04.02.39 Vacuum impregnation installation

Vacuum impregnation installation is intended for impregnation electric motor stators with preliminary discharging in the impregnation tank. Cycle duration is programmed by a control unit. Impregnation process is completely automatized.
Diameter of the impregnation tank, mm 1600
Height of impregnation tank, mm by customer’s wish
Discharge, kg/sm2 -0,75
Rated power, kW 8.5
Dimensions, mm /mass, kg
vacuum saturation unit, 5500x2260x3100/ 3100
control rack, 840x340x1500 /150
hydrodistribution station, 1170x1120x1500 / 420
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