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Equipment for repair electrical motors with the capacity up to 100 kW
04.02.06 Cutting machine

04.02.06 Cutting machine

Cutting machine is intended to cut the frontal parts of the stator winding in electrical motors. Stator is fixed by using a three-cam chuck, which provides precise centering. The chuck features automatic support of the clamping force. Cutting of front parts can be performed in manual or semiautomatic mode.
Height of stator centers, mm 70...280
Rotation frequency of spindle, rev/min 2 880
Rotation frequency of face-plate,
- clockwise;, rev/min 0-1,2
- contraclockwise, rev/min 1,2
Drive of the units, hydromechanical
Operating power, kW 6,2
Overall dimensions, mm / mass, kg 2230x950x1700 / 900
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