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Equipment for repair electrical machines with the capacity of more than 100 kW
04.03.53 Installation for press lath reheating

04.03.53 Installation for press lath reheating

The installation is intended for reheating press laths, which are used in the process of pressing and baking of slot isolation sections and electric motor rods. -Thyristor regulators at both outlets perform press lath heating control independently -Setting of heating temperature, time and current values -Alarm signaling of heating current emergency tripping -Automatic tripping of press lath heating process after a fixed heating time is over.
Supply voltage, V 380, 50Hz
Consumed current, A up to 20
Number of posts, pcs 2
Method of power control, phase control
Capacity of one post, kW 6
Output voltage, V from 0 up to 35
Output current, A up to 200
Type of temperature transducer, THA(K), THK(L)
Overall dimensions, mm/mass, kg 800x650x1270/250
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