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Equipment for repair electrical machines with the capacity of more than 100 kW
04.03.35;04.03.18 Stator manipulator

04.03.35;04.03.18 Stator manipulator

Stator is intended for mechanized rotation of the stator while packing sections of the winding into the notches (slots). It provides a turn at the corner from 0° up to 360° and stator fixation in prearranged position.
Size of the installed stators, 10...11
Rated power, kW 0.75
Overall dimensions, mm/mass, kg 1500x1880x2135/1000
Size of the installed stators, 12...13
Rated power, kW 2.2
Overall dimensions, mm/mass, kg 1700x2550x2700/1450
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