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Equipment for repair electrical machines with the capacity of more than 100 kW
04.03.28 Drawing machine

04.03.28 Drawing machine

The machine is intended for drawing out hard coils of electric machine stator windings made out of prefabricated parts of the “boat” type.
Coil size:,
- Length of the slot part, mm 450…2400
- Max. chord width, mm 780
- Max. chord width at max. correction angle, mm 720
- Height of cross-section of the slot part, mm 20…60
- Width of cross-section of the slot part, mm 10…20
- Front part take off, mm 75…525
Max. angle of the machine lever opening, degrees 130
Angle of the additional turning of slot part clamps, degrees -10…25
Drive, hydraulic
Rated power, kW 3
Overall dimensions,
- Machine, mm/mass, kg 4950x850x1770/1500
- Pumping station, mm/mass, kg 950x650x750/200
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