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Equipment for repair armature and phase rotors
04.02.40 Tinning crucible

04.02.40 Tinning crucible

Tinning crucible is intended for tinning of copper wire and tips of cables of electrotechnical products. It is applied in the time of repair and manufacturing of windings of electric equipment.
Supply voltage, V 220 (50Hz)
Consumed power, kW 1
Crucible diameter, mm 80
Crucible depth, mm 120
Max. heating temperature, mm 450
Overall dimensions,
- crucible, mm 220x220x160
- control rack, mm 170x260x260
Mass, kg 10
Altitude above sea level, m up to 1000
Ambient air temperature, C° from +10 up to +35
Environmental, not explosive, not containing aggressive steams and gases
Vertical work position with permissible divergence, ± 3°
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